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About the company

“Quality is not an act, it is a habit” (Aristotle)


             Nowadays the existence and development of modern business first of all depends on the quality of products which the customer can find on our market. People have such variety of different kind of things that the quality became the most important for them. The supply and sales of high-quality products is the habit for our company for long time. 

             We have two directions of our business: agricultural things and building materials. The first one was founded in 2005 and today everybody who works with agricultural stuff they know the products we sale here in Belarus. Our company is the exclusive supplier of the famous European companies which are the leaders in their specialty. There are:
A.D.R. S.p.A., Italy – the production of agricultural axles, subaxles and components. (http://adraxles.com/)
Pronar Sp.z o.o., Poland – the production of agricultural technique and components of its. (http://www.pronar.pl/)
KABAT SPÓŁKA JAWNA, Poland – the production of various inner tubes, rubber compounds, rugs and mats (http://www.kabat.pl/)
Scharmueller, Austria – http://www.scharmueller.at
RIMA S.p.A, Italy – the production of slewing rings and packing jacks (http://www.rimaspa.com/)

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